Tough Guy

Little brother is a tough guy,
five years old, a big school kid,
like his sisters all his life.
After school he proudly reads
his books to Mum. He is even
writing after cautious beginnings.
His sisters always wrote on the
magnificent cards he created
with felts and stickers.

Down by Dad’s office he digs
and tunnels through his dirt pile
with lots of water from the hose
helped by his classmate
from down the road.

He builds wonderful creations
at his workbench with all its
extras put together by Grandad.
He uses nails, scraps of wood,
and surgical plates from Mum’s
broken ankles.

At weekends he struts around
with Dad, two men together
as Dad works around home.
Best of all Dad takes him to
the mega hardware store to
buy Dad stuff, and wood scraps
for the fabulous work bench.

On Mondays at Nana’s after
school he eats Nana’s yummy
afternoon teas then curls up
with her on the couch to read
from his favourite stories.

Tough Guy

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