Shopping In Lockdown

Lockdown again !
Mum designated Dad as the
family’s single shopper at the
mega supermarket. He won’t be
able to work for a few weeks.

She makes up the shopping list,
confidant that he knows full
well what their children need for
their irascible stomachs with
multiple strange food intolerances.

On his first time shopping he
found everything correctly.

Except for the black and white
cat’s food, for his mercurial
changeable whims and fancies.

His current favourite cat food
was not on the shelves.
There was no knowing what
he would accept this time.
Dad bought three different tins.
The black and white cat
deigned to eat two of them.
Not the third which had to
be given away to friends.

The ten year old says he was
a strange looking kitten but
is growing into his patches.

He is nine years old this month
…… still very determined.

Shopping In Lockdown

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