Trip To The Supermarket

In my teaching days I
organised occasional class
trips to the supermarket with
allotted tasks for children,
parent helpers, teachers, to ensure
the children observed everything
done in the store, behind the store.

With adults steering groups of
children, none of them were lost.
Great class work was produced
to show good understanding of
supermarket functionings.

Our retirement village minibus
took several very elderly residents
on each trip to the supermarket,
and me during Covid19 lockdown.

The driver dropped us off at
the designated drop off point,
showed us where to meet her after
our shopping, went to collect
the next shopping group.

Arriving first at the meeting point,
I saw some of our shoppers come
out, head back to the drop off point,
steered them along to the meeting
place, with a comfortable seat, but
missing some who returned to the
crowded drop off point.

There the returning driver found them,
then located us far away at the
designated meeting point.

The supermarket staff had not allowed
for this elderly clientele when
designating these gathering points.

School trips were easier.

Trip To The Supermarket

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