Covid19 Fitness

As Covid19 alert levels stepped
down the gym allowed us in for
widely spaced exercise machines.
After five weeks away they allowed
fitness groups with restricted
numbers, wide spacing.

Facebook told us to book by
phone or online, wear masks into
the building, not for activities.

Our large room now haspoetry fitness post lockdown.
twenty two huge red crosses
socially distanced over the floor.
Fine while we warmed up on
the spot, lifted weighted bars
for fifteen minutes …. Repeat
mantra …. this is good for me.

Then much movement to music at
an energetic pace on or around
our large red crosses – somehow
we kept a degree of social
distancing: stepping, hopping, skipping
at great speed, using every muscle.

Next day on my walk I felt
tenderised all over, after several
weeks lockdown break.

Our classes used to be larger
so I booked for next week.

I should be recovered by then.

Covid19 Fitness

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