An Award (2)

When little brother was born
his sisters aged six and a half,
and five, were already at school.
He really wanted to catch up
with them, do as well as they do.
By eighteen months he was
repeating back to us what ever
we said, to learn new words.

Kindergarten had its moments,
days when he just wanted to
cling to Mum. He came to accept
kindergarten into his life, moving
through it with his usual energy.

School at five saw him cling to
Mum again but he became accustomed
to school too, put his fizzing energy
into all the activities there.

After his first five months of
school Covid19 locked us down
for several weeks, then he went
back to school. clinging to Mum.
Gradually he re-immersed himself
into the classroom, energetic again.

Last week the principal came with
the certificates of achievement,
bringing one for little brother …
…… for bravery.

Little brother will try anything
even outside his comfort zone.
He will give anything a go.

An Award (2)

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