An Award (1)

School assemblies banned during
covid19 restrictions. The principal
hands out certificates of achievement
for the week to each class.

The ten year old has three
more months at primary school.
She received and achievement
certificate last week for constant
perseverance always putting
100% effort into her work.

Her meltdowns at school are now
in the past but her exhaustion
meltdowns cans still happen late
in the day. She puts so much
energy into moving past her
dyslexia unco-ordination barriers.

For three years the grown-ups in her
life have told her they see her always
doing her best, working hard. She can
do anything. Help is arranged for her.
Her teacher of these two years gives
much praise, encouragement. The
ten year old no longer says
“I am dumb at maths.”

Her mother and I still see her
freeze in panic occasionally when
faced with something new.

I hope she continues to get
encouragement to persevere at
hurdles in school, in life.

An Award (1)

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