So ably she created art
painting, photography,
sewing machine patterns on cloth,
playing her flute so brilliantly.

When we told her of our lives
she fired unrelated unexpected
questions in to our conversations.

We wondered that she had eaten
so little for so long. Now she
suffered chronic fatigue, spent
days on her bed, exhausted,
refusing to play her flute.

Doctors did not accept her self
diagnosis of an obscure medical
condition much to her fury.
Nor do we. We see long time
starvation as her problem.

I rang to confirm my email
with my new address. Said she
could visit after lockdown ended.

“What’s so serious about Covid 19 ?”
she asked. I thought. “It kills
more people more often than
other illnesses. It spreads fast.”

“Ooooh !” she said, baffled.
Her sparse family is scattered,

She is terrified of rest homes.


12 thoughts on “Confusion

    1. We are not hearing that here yet, though there have been stories of inadequate care in rest homes. The rest home facilities in retirement villages have a better reputation, probably because the residents pay more towards their own care.

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    1. Possibly. She has stopped joining her weekly music group who were playing for small gatherings, saying that her memory is going and she can’t play any more. A mutual friend has tried very hard to change her mind but has not convinced her. Certainly her short term memory is quite erratic. She seems very unsure of herself in social situations with more than a few people.

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      1. Could she perhaps “mentor” another in her current condition? Does she have a musical hero of sorts whom could potentially be used to help her – even if its Bach and not necessarily a contemporary? Simply brainstorming. Preparation of a small program for the holidays?

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