Falling Meteor

his keenly politically aware
group called themselves, active in
1960’s protests, demonstrations.
University students alongside him
in university lectures, tutorials.

Auckland University Students’
Association for Prevention of
Cruelty to Politically
Apathetic Humans.

Many moved on from their
studies to new life phases after
the 1960’s. Yet he and his close
core continued to highlight
Vietnam, Cambodia, nuclear
disarmament, and other
global issues.

His strong personality often
shone the spotlight on him
in his subsequent ventures as
he dared over new boundaries.

Until now. We are both 74.

I never met him. Yet I am
stunned at publicity of him
stumbling through meeting
procedures in his long term
high profile position.

His wife with no experience of
his work tries to support him.
Successive deputies carried, still
carry a heavy double work load.

He will not leave.

No one can move him.

Falling Meteor

4 thoughts on “Falling Meteor

      1. Yes, yes of course. Forgive me : I must have conveyed an impression of inadequate sympathy. I felt badly stuck for adequate words. ‘Falling meteor’ however seemed to capture so much. Very best wishes, John

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