Internet Connection

After several calls to Telecom
in my first two weeks here to
connect me to the internet,
they emailed me …… No !
Internet connection d e l a y e d.
That day the nation went into
full scale Delta lock down.

The wireless wi-fi of my old
address was refused at my
new address. Only expensive
fibre broadband here – only
partially installed at that.

Shut inside my Delta “bubble”
three weeks with no internet.
I mulled it over …… plotted.

That first morning of level 2
alert’s partial freedom I was at
the private telco shop with my
mobile broadband “dongle”
bought in March 2012. Asked
for a 2021 version. they stared
wide eyed, but were polite.

After an hour’s due process
i walked out with their wireless
wi-fi modem like I had had
from Telecom before.

It has connected me to
the internet every since.

One day, maybe, Telecom
will accept me back as an
internet customer.

Internet Connection

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