Stranded !

Finally established
in this new home after
several months due processes
of shedding bulk worldly
goods to welcoming charities.

Disconnected at my old
address by Telecom who
refused to reconnect me
at the new address even
after several phone calls
from the new address.

Restored internet access with
free wi-fi at the library so
the morning of Tuesday 17th
August, I caught up on emails,
blogs followed on WordPress.

Delay of internet connection
admitted in telecom’s email.
Paying for internet on my
computer I refused to spend
pension money on cell phone data.
All sorted on the library internet.

Lightning !! Thunderbolts !!

Afternoon of Tuesday 17th
August came nationwide
lock down for the Delta variant
arrival on our remote islands !!

Stay home or risk prosecution !!


Stranded !

12 thoughts on “Stranded !

    1. Lockdown has moved back to a somewhat constricted level 2 – Prime Minister called it “Delta level 2”. I went to the Vodafone shop yesterday several hours after it started and signed up for a wireless wi-fi modem. After nearly an hour I was able to go home and start it up. I am sure Telecom could have given me the same system, but they are trying to make residents of my retirement village hold off and subscribe to their fibre internet network. They told me no further places were available on the wi-fi system. Yes more poems coming as I recover from “the move”.

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      1. Wow ! Here’s hoping it all goes well here. I have just been reading Telecom’s info about closing my account. 30 days notice required and I am likely to be charged early exit fees – moan. I have heard about it before so it will probably happen. I will transfer my mobile phone to Vodafone next week, then do the deed.

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