In An Unknown Land

He wakes in a room he has
seen before, can’t think when,
in his pyjamas, in the bed.

Two women in white uniforms
come in, very cheerful, they know
him, help hi m to shower and dress.

He’s remembering he’s been here
some days now, the men in the
corridor greet him by name.

In a dining room with many
small tables more white uniforms
serve the men breakfast.

After breakfast he potters around
has midmorning cups of tea but
then needs a pre lunch snifter.

Alas all alcohol is locked away
in the nurses’ office medicine
cabinet, very securely locked.

Late afternoon they dole it out
sparingly, must be careful
with old man medication.

He remembers past good times
when he drank long and hard
with equally hard drinking mates.

What would they say if they saw
him now ? But they can’t, they
are gone, he’s outlived them all.

Previously posted March 2017.

Progress. I have located my blog writings.
Still accessing the internet at the library.

In An Unknown Land

15 thoughts on “In An Unknown Land

    1. I hope I can start writing soon. In order to free up cash for medical treatment which I will need far more often than our health system will provide, I sold up my two bedroom flat and bought into a one bedroom “villa” in a retirement village. A cash margin left after other costs were paid will pay towards monthly charges for maintenance costs so I will not have to pay sudden huge unexpected maintenance costs. I put my name down for the “villa” late last year then had the horrendous task of paring down my vast amount of worldly goods to what would fit into the villa. Now I am unpacking and working at fitting what I brought into every nook and cranny. Getting there. The internet connection situation seems very complex and I think I could be walking to and from the library for a while. Ugghh ! Still it is only 16 minutes’ walk each way.

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      1. Yikes ! And they say our house prices and retirement village costs are going crazy here. I was able to afford the lowest cost one bedroom “villa” because my little 2 bedroom flat was highly “desirable” and brought in a price which will subsidise my monthly charges for a long time to come. Barring weird expensive disasters.

        Liked by 1 person

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