The Rabbit Next Door.

Next door lives a handsome
white rabbit with ginger patches
in a spacious stylish hutch with
a movable enclosure on a luscious
lawn by the north facing fence under
branches from their neighbour’s tree.

He belongs to their daughter but they
all like to bring him tender weeds,
juicy vegetable chunks. When at
home they pick him up, take him
inside, which he clearly expects.
He was taken to the front garden to
smell the lavender, but road noises
upset him, he was taken inside.

Hopping round the house he is happy
but has been seen on the back door
step gazing thoughtfully at the back
lawn as his nose whiffles fast, this way
and that. Many large cats live nearby,
he needs to be fenced in or escorted
outside but sometimes appears by the
garden shed far from his hutch. The
grass is greener there but he
interrupts brother’s golfing practice.

No burrowing shows, his paws are
clean. He jiggles his door till the
latch falls down, opening his door
setting himself free.

His family rescue him
from becoming cat dinner.

Previously posted February 2017.

The Rabbit Next Door.

8 thoughts on “The Rabbit Next Door.

    1. The worst time I saw was when a local ginger tom spent ages sitting on top of his hutch – while the family were away for the weekend. Grandparents came in twice daily to check up on him, but they were not there all the time. I chased the cat away twice myself. Rabbit heard my voice and came out for human company !

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