When Mum Went Out

On a wet school holiday afternoon
Mum went out with baby brother
leaving Auntie Jo in charge of his
sisters’ bathing and hair washing.

After the sloshy business of bath
play with many toys in a well
filled tub they added more suds
as they washed themselves. Now
joyousness became tetchiness as
Auntie Jo washed hair and wriggling
feet poked ribs and tummy.

Auntie Jo’s firm response to the
seven year old’s impatience with
adults and younger sister was not
what the seven year old wanted.

The five year old with thick tangled
hair cried loudly as Auntie Jo
tried to brush her hair to dry it.
So Auntie Jo left her to brush it
herself, dried the seven year old’s
hair instead. Loud howls poured
forth from the five year old who
wanted her hair dried right now !

The black and white cat now tried
his luck for an early dinner while
the parents were out, meowing
desperately to say he was fading
away to a skeleton ! He was not !

Auntie Jo knew children
pushed boundaries, but cats !?!

A very strange afternoon !

Previously posted November 2016.

When Mum Went Out

4 thoughts on “When Mum Went Out

    1. No cat as solid and large as he is could possibly be starving. Silly fellow jumped up on the dining table one day, right in front of Mum. (Totally forbidden – silly fellow !) Seeing him that close up she immediately decided they were over feeding him. She does have his well being at heart.

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