Friday Night On Main Street

Vertical and horizontal signs
blaze Korean alphabet symbols
around shop fronts and mall
signboards on brightly lit shops
and three storey shopping
malls lining the multi laned
roads crossing the intersection
afire with many traffic lights.

Crowds flow along footpaths and
shopping aisles released after
a day at work and school.

Time to eat out: in a small
family restaurant or a food
court stall ? Or at Macdonalds ?

Sit cross legged on the floor
wielding chopsticks round potato
pancakes or a table of
many dishes and sauce bowls ?

Or sit on chairs at tables
at the Lotte Mart food court ?
Or in the Macdonalds shop eating
burgers with Korean flavoured
sauces ? Followed by an
American ice cream shop sundae ?

A bright evening wherever I eat
surrounded by jaunty crowds.

Previously posted November 2016.

Friday Night On Main Street

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