Suppose They Held A War … And Nobody Came

Korea’s little peninsula home,
at last free of invaders, found
its northernmost neighbour
propelled southwards by the giant
northern ice bound land
to conquer the whole peninsula.

Now Koreans fought Koreans.
From across the ocean another
giant nation aided the south
on jagged battle fronts snaking
to and fro, up and down this
tiny gangway to the east.

After a truce three years
later the south waited but
the north never returned
either to fire shots
or sign a peace treaty.

… a truce still in limbo.

Sometimes the north fires
deadly fusillades then
retreats like children
ringing a doorbell …
running away.

With military bases
supported by friendly
nations the south
continues it daily life …

They all continue to wait.

The war between North and South Korea lasted from 1950 to 1953.
After a truce in 1953 the North never returned to the battle front.
It is generally believed that they and their backers, Russia and China
had run out of necessary arms, food, and overall resources to
continue fighting the south, which was backed by the USA and its allies.

Previously posted October 2016.

Suppose They Held A War … And Nobody Came

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