Dog’s Old Age

In the garden Nana talks
with the man who will mow
her lawns, trim the edges.
Brownie is happy to see
them in the garden. She picks
up her old brown ball in her
teeth, runs across the grass,
drops the ball at their feet,
looks up hopefully, expectantly.
They smile, say “Hi Brownie”.
But they don’t play with her.

The visitor fetches his mower.
Nana goes inside and lies on
the couch as she has often
done over the past year while
her family talk about her
heart, doctors, hospitals,
operations, rest.

Brownie has come home after
a month at her doggy day care
place, with her mutt friend Whitey
with the black ear, five cats,
two turtles, twelve budgerigars.
Now other people take her on
her morning walks. Nana rests.
Brownie rests on her bed nearby.

At twelve years old Brownie’s
arthritis is held at bay by
pills, diet dog food, long walks,
but rarely by playing with Nana.

Previously posted October 2016.

Dog’s Old Age

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