From The Past

Four narrow strips of oak
frame two greeting cards
behind ivory card edging
and their mantling glass.

In lightly brushed water colours
seven geese pad along a
leafy lane on orange feet
with orange beaks held high.
Beside it gentle strokes
portray a goose with paddle
toes pointing inward.

This much loved montage on
my living room wall recalls
my soul mate friend who sent
these cards, her laughter at my
love of these stubborn birds.
He handwritten messages inside
them told of her daily life,
of dear family and friends, work
and community in the days of
handmade communications
twenty years ago.

She is long gone, vanquished
by an illness science can not
defeat but her inner self is
memorialised by two framed
framed messages from the past.

Previously posted October 2016.

From The Past

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