Mummy and Daddy with
two little girls, baby
brother and a baby
paraphernalia mountain
crammed themselves
with bags of clothes
and food into their
seven seater van to
visit the cousins with
two little boys in the
mighty megalopolis.

The city cousins sneered
at this van in their
driveway, said only people
in unsalubrious southern
suburbs drove such
low class vehicles.

Auntie Jo carries shopping
in her trundler, having no
car in her retirement
after three redundancies.
Grandpa in his new late
model car, retired after
thirty odd years in one
workplace, is most scornful
of her trundler as his chic
car purrs around town.

Mummy and Daddy would
rather pay the mortgage,
feed and clothe mushrooming
baby brother than buy latest
trends stylish appearance.
Auntie Jo would rather buy
a comfortable life than a
four wheeled shopping basket.

Previously posted September 2016.


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