The one level block of flats
spreads along side a narrow
lawn bordering a footpath.
Each flat’s front door joins
the footpath along this concrete
strips bisecting the lawn.
Each little cell is walled off
from its fellows in the block.

Together yet apart.

The newspaper photo showed
the silent lawn and front doors
with no one in sight. Underneath
the report said an old lady
had died in one of those flats,
lain dead on her floor three days.

No one had had missed her, only
a neighbour up the road who
spoke briefly with her each day
as she passed on her way
to the shops. they would greet
each other, discuss the neighbour’s
work in her front garden, but
never exchanged names.

The neighbour worried for
three mornings when she did
not com by, then rang the
police who found the old lady
dead on the floor of her flat.

Solo in death as in life.

Previously posted September 2016.


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