At The Movies

My gold pensioner card
on a weekday morning
bought a discount ticket
at the boutique cinema
to an interesting movie
with a plot and storyline.
Alas ! A hulking pensioner
in the row behind held forth
in a constant booming mutter.
“Oh ! Really !” I yelled and
stomped down to an empty seat
in another row. Phew !
The booming mutter stopped.

One Friday night I went
to a Batman movie in the
central cinemas with many
young people coming after work.
They ate their popcorn, drank
their coke and quietly watched
the movie. So I heard and
saw it all though the car
chases made me seasick.

On a Saturday morning
at the boutique cinema
my friend and I bought discount
tickets to see “The Stone Of Scone”.
A pompous grey haired woman
ensconced herself beside me,
droned on at her companion
in a boring booming mutter.
“Excuse me !” I said, “I paid
to hear the movie ! I don’t
want to listen to you. !”
She sniffed at me disdainfully
but thankfully shut up !

Previously posted June 2016.

At The Movies

15 thoughts on “At The Movies

      1. I had a great Christmas thank you. In two phases. The first one was with family who were going to be away on Christmas Day. It was fraught with potential for people to get at me, but I had promised beforehand that if I was got at I would reply. I can be quite direct when got at. All of us behaved well. The second phase on Christmas day was much easier and very relaxed. I hope your Christmas went well too. and that all your family are well in this UK pandemic crisis.

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