Another Phone Call.

The father rang his daughter
to say the ashes of
his wife, her mother
would be blessed by the vicar
and scattered over the
town rose gardens
at 8am next Saturday.

He said he missed his wife
deeply even though she had
lain so ill in her hospital
bed for so long.
The daughter said she too
felt her mother’s absence
even though mother’s mind
was far from the woman
in the hospital bed.

“You know nothing !” he roared.
“I miss her, she was my wife !
You were only her daughter !”
The phone slammed down,
a hammer blow to a connection
grasped from only one end.

The daughter had thought
in time they might find
the fabled father daughter bond.
Now she knew they
would never connect.

After the mother’s ashes
were scattered the father
was astounded when the daughter
moved to another town
….. far away.

Previously posted May 2016.

Another Phone Call.

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