The girls at our house
love pink clothes.
The lint in the clothes drier filter is pink.
We play with our babies,
our dolls and our bears,
dress them, put them to bed.

Chloe is doing new things
at kindergarten which she
mostly enjoys … except … for … boys !
They put on Batman capes,
they run around after people
pointing two fingers at them
and yell loud banging noises !

Why would they do that ?
Daddy says that’s what boys do,
just as girls play babies and put them to bed.
That’s what girls do. Chloe says
it is not strange to do girl things.

Two boy cousins came with Auntie
to stay for three days last Christmas.
They ran round the house
pointing two fingers at people
and yelling loud banging noises.
They jumped high on the trampoline
and shouted all the time.
Daddy laughed !

Chloe was shocked ! Stern faced
she walked along to the bedroom,
to peace and quiet with dolls
and bears, pink clothes, and
the box full of hair ribbons and clips.

After a time of tranquility
she crept back to the living room,
and curled up on Daddy’s knee
while he hugged her close.

Previously posted January 2016.


2 thoughts on “Boys

  1. Lesley says:

    Oh, childhood games! This has brought back lots of memories. We usually played at whatever we’d been watching on t.v. – doctor versus monsters (Doctor Who), cowboys and indians (John Wayne films), Gerrys versus Brits (war films). We hadn’t a clue then how our innocent games reflected the culture in which we were brought up.

    Liked by 1 person

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