Railway Stations

Pudding lane, Bow Church, All Saints,
Poplar. The overhead railway runs
high above long lanes of commuter traffic
flashing trails of red tail lights,
white headlights, in the dark morning.
Ancient names overarching modern machines.

Heron Quays, West India Quay, Canary Wharf.
We glide from small station shelters
into a vast overhead dome
to change trains amongst milling throngs
rushing to work in glass cased offices.

West India Dock, Crossharbour, Mudchute
appear as daylight grows.
Another day, off to work again,
in futuristic transport
yet a little out of this world
as I pass names established
so long ago, recurring still
in history books
and present day news.

Previously posted December 2015.

Railway Stations

17 thoughts on “Railway Stations

    1. Thank you for your appreciation. I have taken a break from writing this year with family stuff going on alongside the Covid19 lock downs. But reading these older poems i am getting a hankering for the writing rhythms again..

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      1. Thanks. I had one cameo today. A 40 year old drifting relative who never settles rang from Australia yesterday to the family house where I was child minding. “Mum” and I agreed he is really homesick for us back here in New Zealand. Plane flights between the two countries are like everywhere else – rare and astronomically expensive. Then he will still have to pay NZ$3000 for his 14 day quarantine. accommodation. He talked to the children for nearly an hour. So homesick and none of us are able to help him, except with the calls. Must write it !

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  1. Thank you. I really enjoyed this poem. I like riding on trains and prefer a train station to any airport… If this pandemic ever really lets up, I should like to take a few trips, Bordeaux, Le region de champagne and it wouldn’t take long to think of others. 😎😎

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      1. Ah, we all hope there is an end to this insanity and that it isn’t too far away. Alas, with millions refusing to use common sense and science, I am not as hopeful as I would like to be.
        As for the travels, as soon as I pressed send, I thought of a list of other places… Nants to see the museums and theme park of the late Jules Vern, The Basque Region, oh dear, the list is endless.

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