Baby Brother

Baby brother is dressed up
to collect his sisters from
school st home time.

Great Grandma knitted his bright
striped beanie, cousin Paul grew
out of the dashing dinosaur leggings;
little friend Oliver passed on the
jacket with Barney on it. The
tiny tartan sneakers came from
Sarah over the road, she’s at
kindergarten now, nearly a big girl.

Yes the big girls at school
will gush and coo and gasp
over him – he enjoys that already.

Mummy thinks he is cool too.
Holding him on her hip she
tickles his ribs with her free hand.
He giggles and wriggles
wiggles and jiggles
chuckles then shrieks
gleefully, joyously
grinning from ear to ear
energetically, excitedly.

It’s a happy day today !

Previously posted November 2016.


Baby Brother

Sunday Morning

On Sunday morning the first
awareness of the day drifts
through the sleeper’s mind as
she turns on to her side. Very
faint light shows through the
heavy curtains as she opens
her eyes slightly – too much –
she closes them again.
Luxuriating in the comfortable
warmth she sinks down into
restful blissful unconsciousness.

Bare feet pound into the room
in three year old consternation.
“The moon has gone away !
– the stars have gone away !
– the sun is shining !  And
no one is getting up !”

The sleeper is jolted awake.
A vast heap beside her groans,
stirs, a gravelly voice rumbles
that all is fine, the three year
old should go back to bed.

Little bare feet trail slowly away.
She hasn’t woken her sister, that
is hard to do. Which leaves her
looking at picture books
with Alfred Bear in bed.

Previously posted July 2016.

Sunday Morning


Nana lives with her
ten year old dog Brownie.

When Chloe and Claire ate
their afternoon tea on the deck
with Brownie’s nose on their plates,
Nana shut Brownie in her bedroom.

Chloe sat on the floor in
Nana’s living room reading
“The Gruffalo’s Child”.
Brownie licked her feet.

“EEUUGH !” shrieked Chloe. “Tell
her to stop licking me!” Brownie
likes licking people and won’t stop.
Nana shut her out in the garden.

Chloe and Nana made special
modelling dough with flour
and water and salt. Chloe made
stars and flowers and fairies.

She put them on a tray on the bird
table to dry out, ready to paint.
Brownie jumped up high, knocked
them all to the ground, and ate them.

Chloe said she hated Brownie. Nana shut
Brownie outside while they made more
stars and flowers and fairies, and
dried them on the kitchen table.

Brownie likes early morning walks
with Nana in the park
and quiet evenings with her
in the living room.

Previously posted May 2016.