The Recidivist

Queueing at the broad front desk
of Welfare’s downtown office,
I brace myself for
the bureaucrats’ strip search.
I am unemployed – again !

These front desk people read my forms
bring my name up on their screen.
They mutter “No, no, this one will
have to go to the supervisor.
She’s been to us before.”

Social Welfare still speak
sternly after twenty years.
Their elderly code number
follows me to show
a marked recidivist.

Over sixty
out of date
like mouldy cheese.

A disrespectable old age !

Previously posted February 2016.

The Recidivist

12 thoughts on “The Recidivist

    1. It certainly felt like that. I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was an ordinary law abiding citizen, they just looked at me sideways. In fact I was not eligible for the unemployment benefit. Work made a lot of us redundant and we were advised to apply for it to start getting ourselves into the system, which turned out to be useful thing to do for other reasons.

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