Races Around The Field

On sports day
the five and six year olds
run their own long distance
races around the school
playing field.

On their last lap
teachers and parents
stand by the finish line
with clipboards and stop watches.
The six year olds’ teacher
is so proud of their running times
called out by parent helpers
as her charges hurtle puffing.
red faced, across the finish line.

After filling spaces beside
names on her chart she still
has two blank spaces.
She scans the field and sees
two little figures in the shade
of tall trees, sends an older child
to urge them to finish their race.

The daisies there were very big,
good for daisy chains they
explain to their teacher.
Someone else would pick
them if they didn’t.

They are very puzzled when their
teacher says they should have
waited until after the sports.
She liked their daisy chains yesterday,
– but not today.

Previously posted July 2016.


Races Around The Field

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