Cat Flap

The tabby hunter
was most displeased
yesterday afternoon.
Someone locked the cat flap
and went out for quite a while.
When Mummy came home with groceries
and little girls from school,
tabby meowed at her loud and long
as Mummy stood and stared.
“She’s telling me off !” she said,
then she put away the groceries
while ignoring Tabby’s harangue.

Young Chloe checked the back door,
unlocked the offending flap.
“You shouldn’t bring your birds inside !”
she told the outraged tiger.

Now therein lies the problem
which Tabby does not see.
She brings her birds inside
takes them round each room
as they scatter poo and bird feathers
until they die of shock.
Then she buries them in the living room
for little girls to find.
Five year old sensibilities
are distressed by lifeless birds.
Mummy doesn’t like cleaning up
bird feathers and poo.

While Tabby keeps on hunting
she will always be locked out
when the family are not at home
to reject her hunting trophies.

She’ll be far from the sunny couch,
from beds covered with teddy bears,
and the luxurious faux fur throw
on Mummy and Daddy’s bed.

Previously posted May 2016.


Cat Flap

17 thoughts on “Cat Flap

      1. Lesley says:

        I sympathize. It used to upset me too. I spent most of the summers caring when I was presented with the tiny bodies of mice and birds. My parents cat used to bring them rabbits!

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      2. Lesley says:

        Tao was my mum and dad’s cat when they lived in the Scottish Highlands. It was a paradise for cats. She’d leave the rabbits on the outside windowsill. 🙂
        Me and hubby haven’t had cats for a long time, but one of our previous dogs, Charlie, once spat out at my feet what looked to be a currant … then it sprouted legs and ran off. A spider! lol

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Lesley says:

        I was amazed that the spider survived. He must have carried it so gently. Charlie was a big, daft dog – an Afghan Hound crossed with a Standard Poodle!

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    1. The tabby hunter went through three collars with bells on in the few years she was with the family. Then she vanished down the drive one Sunday morning and never returned. Hit by a car ? The collars were discovered caught up on the overgrowth by the fence a few years later.

      Liked by 1 person

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