Sorry (3)

For two hundred and twenty
years white settlers poured
off their ships, later their planes
on to the continent’s coastal
areas establishing towns trade
businesses industry, white culture
spreading inland to farm crops
livestock around market towns.

For many millennia the continent’s
original inhabitants hunter gatherers
had roamed the continents’s deserts
grasslands, abundant coasts. Now
they faced an alien race
with an alien culture which
deemed them worthless.

So two cultures crossed paths
crossed purposes, the new culture
prevailed. The continent’s original
race went under, struggled then
and now, gradually hauls itself
out of the dark murky morass.

After two hundred and twenty
years the white government
apologised to the brown race
which still has far to go to
rediscover themselves, find
their true identity and culture.

Previously posted July 2017

Sorry (3)

4 thoughts on “Sorry (3)

  1. I think history shows white on color aggression, color on color aggression, white on white aggression, and color on white aggression. Once we acknowledge them all, discuss them, learn from them, then we will be a better people at large. In my humble opinion. No one has been spared being the victim throughout the ages. —CC

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