Forks In The Road

Sue split up from mundane
college boyfriend Bruce at
nineteen, became excited by
her exuberant bond with Tom.
At twenty she asked Tom to marry
her but wanting to wait until he was
thirty he moved on to other women.

Fay enjoyed their sparkling time
asked Tom to marry her at
twenty three. He turned her
down and she travelled alone
to Asia to spend Christmas
with her parents who ran a
profitable business there.

Soon terrorist bombings broke
out hitting global headlines,
stopping personal letters.
Frantic tom visited her house
mates often to compare their
infrequent letters, to wonder
aloud how she was surviving.

Overjoyed at her safe return
they married at twenty four.

Devastated, alone, Sue told her
friends “Tom wasn’t ready for
marriage. I should have waited.”
She married kind safe Bruce.

Fay and Tom had a few big
upheavals in their marriage
over the years. Were they
wondering …. “What if …. ?”

Together Sue and Bruce attended
Fay and Tom’s twenty fifth anniversary
celebrations. did they all wonder
“What if …. ?” What if that far off
terrorist conflagration had
never happened …. ?

Previously posted May  2017

Forks In The Road

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