Game Of Genes

New age science in the
‘sixties and ‘seventies produced
research and discoveries to
kill bad microbes, treat
inherited illnesses so that
we can live into sprightly
old age for many years.

All very exciting to the
new generation born in
soaring birth rates after
WW II repeopling a
depleted world population.

Now the offspring born in
that mating flurry are in their
sixties and seventies well armed
for years to live the latest
research into healthy lifestyles.

Family genes waiting in the wings
have the last laugh as they appear
delivering congestive heart
struggles at 67, anorexia and
depression at 65, diabetes at 70
throughout our family tree.

The old age lottery has
spat out its marbles,
done its worst.

Previously posted April 2017

Game Of Genes

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