Personal Stationery

On Christmas Day
the excited five year
old received her very
own personal stationery
with flowers and elves
on toadstools along the
bottom of the pages and
the back of the envelopes.

Her seven year old sister
writes on her own notepaper
and envelopes with fairies
on to Grandma and Grandad
living a few hours away, to
uncle and aunt in the big city.

Previously the five year old
wrote on Mum’s notepaper
to the fairies, to Grandma
and Grandad. She told Mum
what she wanted to say, then
copied the words Mum wrote.

Both sisters wrote to Santa
before Christmas with their
requests. They asked him too
to look out for the tabby hunter
who strolled off one Sunday
morning five months ago
and never returned. The
fairies have not seen her.

Still the five year old has
her own personal stationery
to write many more letters
to family and to fairies.

Previously posted March 2017.

Personal Stationery

4 thoughts on “Personal Stationery

    1. Thank you very much. Oh yes ! They write on the pink paper with gold gel pen as stipulated by the seven year old when she was four. There was one terrible morning when they had not replied overnight as usual, and there was much raging and tears and tantrums at breakfast time. Thereafter “the fairies” replied on time. There was the odd occasion when “Mum” was so pressed for time at night that “Dad” had to write the reply, which fortunately was dictated by “Mum” who was more into fairy speak. Luckily “Dad” was able to write a reasonably good hand in “fairy writing”.

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