A Call From An Editor

Designated poets, esteemed writers
at a national poetry magazine
scrutinised my submitted poems
among a vast heap of others.

From his faraway megacity office
the editor telephoned me to mentor me.
Excited that an eminent literary figure
should call me I jotted down his words.

My mood flattened as he spoke of
writing sounds and words in patterns
and juxtapositions, auditory and visual,
of deftness with obscure metaphors.

What about the people ?  The story ?
I wondered. What about everyday lives
of everyday people in an everyday world ?
Awed by his stature I said nothing.

He told of his writing’s rejection here
seventy years ago, his joy as his style
then his poems were accepted, published
overseas then in our own country.

Now he was highly regarded by the
highly regarded literati of the west.
today his style is esteemed, but not mine.

Yet the internet releases me from
the need to find publication in
local and overseas print runs.

The world wide web
brings worldwide forums
in a worldwide range.

Previously posted February 2017

A Call From An Editor

11 thoughts on “A Call From An Editor

  1. One editor completely changed my poem ” to make it better” . I withdrew it promptly. I write my way, and that’s that.

    I have also been told that real poets don’t blog. Stuff and nonsense. I love sharing poems on my blog, to my community.

    Poetry is very personal. I see rythm in your poetry. And great strength.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sounds like one of the highly academic minority who think everyone else’s writing is beneath them. I did a summer course on writing some years ago and came across one who (1) objected to the other lecturers assessing me at a high mark (2) objected to one of my poems being published by a university lecturer’s board including one of my poems in the book of the national poetry collection for the year.

        Liked by 1 person

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