The exercycle of our fitness centre
has a seat set high on its frame and
a heavily weighted front wheel.

It is now part of our fitness circuit
with its carefully timed intervals
for each of six activities.

the forty five seconds at each
activity is a suitable time for
suitable speed and effort.

But the high bar on the exercycle
between seat and handlebars is
difficult for my short unfit legs
to get over. I grab one ankle with
one hand, heave it over the bar while
my other hand grasps the handlebar.

Meanwhile the other foot tries to stand
on its pedal which insists on moving
as I lift the first foot over the bar.

At last I have both feet on pedals
push them fast until “STOP !”
I put my feet out wide.

Now I must reverse the climbing
on process to clamber off again.


Sartorius Stretch

Sartorius stretch !
I ask you, what kind of name
is that ?

Yes I have googled it, our fitness
instructor has explained it.
Strange names are given to our
various body parts from lengthy
ancient and Greek and Latin words,
from strangely named scientists.

We also do strange stretches, turn,
twists to work these muscles
often obscure, unknown to us.
Including the sartorius stretch which
our instructor taught me one day
when I was the only pupil present.

My massage therapist showed me
the twists causing pain in my legs.
They added up to the sartorius
stretch which I was doing at home.
She told me to ask the instructor
to watch me doing it, see what
I was doing wrong.

Next class I asked the instructor.
We got down on the floor, I watched.
I had left out a twist. Doing it the
right way helped so much.

Horrified gasps from my group
as they watched us showed me
that the sartorius stretch is as
weird as it sounds.


Sartorius Stretch

Distant Friends

A world wide community of writers
blog on our vast web site reading
each others’ posts, liking, commenting
on these posts in ongoing conversations.

Often we do not know where they
live, who with, the jobs they do for
a living. We discuss their writing.

Usually we post weekly, every few
days or even daily, looking forward
to the blogs we follow, to the
interaction with their writers.

It is disturbing to realise after
some days of weeks that a blogger
has dropped off the web site radar,
ceased to post, no indication why,
no response to emails or comments.

One blogger wrote why she was
stopping, said goodbye to us all.
Another  was distressed by the current
events he wrote about, turned his
back on internet and news media.

But other just stop posting on their
blogs. Family matters ?  Illness ?
Work pressures ?  How are they coping ?
We will probably never know.

We wish them well for the future.

But please say goodbye if you can.

Distant Friends