A wall of flames metres high
roars through vegetation in this
southern native animal sanctuary
now turned death trap.

Human volunteers retrieve what
life they can: tree bound koalas,
baby kangaroos protected by their
mothers’ dead bodies, bleary wombats
seeking night dark refuge, terrified
lizards caught in hunting nets.

Rescued natives are fed at animal
hospitals, shelters, treated for
burns as fur, scales, limbs are
covered with healing lotions.
Baby kangaroos hang in rows of
towelling pouches, sleeping, feeding.

These indigenous creatures with
selective diets will survive in human
care over the months their habitats
and larders are regenerating.
Maybe birds who flew above
the inferno, snakes, and lizards
who sped along the ground will
survive to find new habitats.

But Australia’s self combustive plant
life will burn more frequently as our
planet’s climate continues to heat up.
destroying more wildlife, more species.


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