On The News

We watch the news each night
beamed across the Tasman from
our vast western neighbour where
so many of our nearest and dearest
live, build up careers and businesses.

We see scenes of vast expanses
of scorched land, gaunt black trees,
blackened rubble of houses, sheds,
a blurred orange sun glowing through
thick grey smoke carrying whirling
embers, flying pieces of debris from
buildings, gyrating tree branches.

Now the fire service commissioner
at his press conference looks the
camera in the eye, tells his audience

“There are too many fires for us to
attend them all, even on your street.”

“Go as soon as you are told to go.”

On The News

3 thoughts on “On The News

  1. Oh, dear! I heard lately of a fire that caused lots of damage to a national park in Tennessee filled with trees-started by two teen-aged boys. Houses burned and a few people died, why weren’t they thinking of consequences when they pulled their prank? I hope it was a prank.
    I’m so sorry to hear of the dry weather and the fires in Australia and in New Zealand!

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