A Car ?

Six years ago my neighbour
then in paid employment
moved into the next door flat.

Her genetic lottery has debilitated
wracked her body so that for over
three years she has been at home
unemployed while her body fails her.

Her car is deteriorating also, needing
a new battery, maybe repairs around
its alternator, both far beyond the
reach of her sickness benefit.

She must wait at least eight years,
probably ten years for our retirement
pension to increase her income.

Major car repairs are beyond her
reach, beyond that of her family
members scattered around the region.
They visit occasionally around paid
jobs and raising small children.

Anxiously she calculates costs of
home deliveries, taxis to doctor,
library, supermarket, hospital.

Can she let her car go ?

A Car ?

4 thoughts on “A Car ?

  1. My mother-in-law, 93 years young, will walk to church every Sunday and holy day of obligation, rain, snow or sleet – a mile of city walking – rather than spend the 5 dollars US to take a cab. She also conserves water as if there is only a gallon left for the planet. She claims she is that way from having lived through the Depression.

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