Far from his home city a student
was not seen by staff in his residential
hall until other students found him
dead on his bed weeks after he died.

Another student was found dead on
his bed in a distant residential hall
ten days after his death. Horrifying !

Stories appear on the news media of
elderly people living alone found dead
in their flats days after death.

So worrying to have both young
and old dying unseen, invisible.

My neighbour in the next flat has
been inside for days on end this
winter unwell, exhausted,
medication giving little relief.

At last she accepted my phone
number, gave me hers, agreed to
pass my number to her brother.

When she is really unwell she wants
to sleep, turns off her phone.

Her niece with a key lives on
the other side of the city.

I have done as much as she will accept.

I still feel uneasy.


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