We with chronic health issues
visit doctor and nurses for medical
checks, prescription repeats. We are
told to eat healthily, exercise regularly.

Yet trying to discuss diet and exercise
with these health professionals brought
little reply except blank smiles, polite
listening noises. Other tell the same story.

This year our medical centre staff
attitudes are changing. “Upskilling”
they call it. They are recognising
skin cancers, so common among the
elderly who burnt in the sun years ago.

When I talk to my doctor now about
fitness classes and workouts, she
discusses it with interest, understands.

The diabetes nurse paid attention as I
told of the effects of my fitness
exercises, adjusting my diet.

What relief to have these conversations
as I integrate varied aspects of health
with better informed professionals.


5 thoughts on “Upskilling

  1. Back in 2002, when I was diagnosed as ‘Pre-diabetic’, I was refered to an NHS Dieticianin my small town who recommended I increase the amount of Carbohyrdates in my diet. I smiled politely, and knowing better than her (as my mother was a diabetic in the care of a London Hospital), didn’t do so. Outside the big cities, NHS advice is still to eat lots of Carbs —which of course increases your blood sugars. 😦

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    1. Unbelievable ! I have had people outside the health system tell me rather ill informed facts, and have realised that part of the issue is that information for diabetics has changed over the years as research progresses. I even had the wife of one diabetic – who was in the room – that he drank what he liked, as long as he took his medication ! Our local health body holds four classes for diabetics during the year, taken by nurses and dietitians, which are well informed and helpful. So I am lucky.

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