Step Ups

We do step ups at fitness on a large
foot stool style miniature bench
higher than my doorstep.

I was achieving step ups both
forwards and sideways without
heaving myself up or flapping my
elbows as if I was on a swing.

Then a doctor removed a skin cancer
from deep inside my ankle. No jumping
or hopping on it for now he said,
let the flesh mend itself a while.

So I exercised fully without jumping
or hopping or pounding on that foot.

Three months later I am sure it has
had time for healing to be well done.
So I am jumping, hopping, pounding
on both legs, doing step ups on
that big high foot stool.

To my horror my legs find it very
difficult, will not spring up as
they used to. I push up with
weakened legs, arms flapping,
a very thorough work out.

For now I do step ups on my back
door step each day, hoping to
regain my legs’ former strength.

All because I had a skin cancer removed.

Step Ups

8 thoughts on “Step Ups

  1. I feel for you Glenys….as we get older, it’s distressing how easliy we can lose strength. Or flexibilty — I seem to have lost both in my lower back after injury. I’m having to work hard to try to get some back.

    But thank goodness your cancer was dealt with!

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    1. Thank you so much. You must be having a hard time too with a lower back injury, a really difficult place to get back to normal. Our medical centre health professionals seem to be upskilling in the areas of exercise and diet, and are pointing out that fitness work at 70 and over achieves even more than fitness work in those under 70. So hang in there and keep doing whatever you can. You will gt back to your starting point in time.

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  2. It is great to hear the positive attitude here toward health and making even small strides to improve ones lot. Small consistent efforts and tradeoffs go a long way to achieving better health and well-being. —CC

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