Sartorius Stretch

Sartorius stretch !
I ask you, what kind of name
is that ?

Yes I have googled it, our fitness
instructor has explained it.
Strange names are given to our
various body parts from lengthy
ancient and Greek and Latin words,
from strangely named scientists.

We also do strange stretches, turn,
twists to work these muscles
often obscure, unknown to us.
Including the sartorius stretch which
our instructor taught me one day
when I was the only pupil present.

My massage therapist showed me
the twists causing pain in my legs.
They added up to the sartorius
stretch which I was doing at home.
She told me to ask the instructor
to watch me doing it, see what
I was doing wrong.

Next class I asked the instructor.
We got down on the floor, I watched.
I had left out a twist. Doing it the
right way helped so much.

Horrified gasps from my group
as they watched us showed me
that the sartorius stretch is as
weird as it sounds.


Sartorius Stretch

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