Distant Friends

A world wide community of writers
blog on our vast web site reading
each others’ posts, liking, commenting
on these posts in ongoing conversations.

Often we do not know where they
live, who with, the jobs they do for
a living. We discuss their writing.

Usually we post weekly, every few
days or even daily, looking forward
to the blogs we follow, to the
interaction with their writers.

It is disturbing to realise after
some days of weeks that a blogger
has dropped off the web site radar,
ceased to post, no indication why,
no response to emails or comments.

One blogger wrote why she was
stopping, said goodbye to us all.
Another  was distressed by the current
events he wrote about, turned his
back on internet and news media.

But other just stop posting on their
blogs. Family matters ?  Illness ?
Work pressures ?  How are they coping ?
We will probably never know.

We wish them well for the future.

But please say goodbye if you can.

Distant Friends

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