Fifty Years

A dear close friend for fifty years
with a life sentence hanging over her.

Mother of two nephews and a
niece, staunch stalwart supporter of
family and environment, abandoned
by my kinsman, her husband.

He demanded I turn my back
on her but she walked away first
leaving our friendship severed.

At last we reunited in this little
city, resumed our friendship.

We both still hold family as a high
priority, support our younger
generations, children, grandchildren.

Yet our interested do not connect,
her music and environment work,
my writing and reading.

Now her heart falters, stumbles,
changing medications keep failing,
surgery cannot succeed.

She rests for days to gather
energy for longed for activity.

How long does she have left ?

No one can tell.



Fifty Years

Sky Dragon

The sky dragon has so many
folds in its tiny piece of
origami paper and forty three
instructions over six pages.

Sixteen instructions over two
pages make heavily folded
objects in origami paper.

The eight year old really wants
to make the sky dragon.

One day …… maybe ……

Yes I know  the picture is not coming up
the web page. I am still working out this
function on the current WordPress system.

Sky Dragon

Ballet Performance

At the Dance School concert
three and four year olds danced
for admiring parents grandparents
aunts uncles cousins brothers sisters.

In tutus and ballet shoes across
the front of the stage they followed
the moves of a senior ballet girl
who led them through their
movements to cheerful music.

Behind them the principal and
another senior girl also danced
smiling at little girls who turned
around, encouraging them to face
the audience, retrieving the Downs
Syndrome child who skipped
away to the back of the stage.

Happy curtsies greeted the applause
then the little dancers filed off stage.
The Downs Syndrome child rushed
back for more applause, was carried off.

Their families were so proud.

Ballet Performance