Paid Assistant

Dad’s trade requires heavy equipment
to be lugged around, pushed around
on the job. His services are booked
up to a week ahead, or on the spot
for an emergency so his work hours
are erratic. Sometimes he needs
an assistant but can not predict
how often or how far ahead.

Sometimes he has to fill in their hours
to pay them, keep them available.
They do painting or other handyman
jobs as discussed at prior interviews.

Recently I wondered did he also
explain that a very talkative three
year old might slip out of the house to
engage the assistant in a rambling
conversation out of curiosity.

And id Dad explain that the black
and white cat likes to  be close to
his humans, will sit watching as
she paints, then rub along the
newly painted decking rail ?

The present sociable friendly
assistant enjoys long chats, talks
to the cat, but will move off for
her army intake in a few months time.


Paid Assistant

2 thoughts on “Paid Assistant

    1. Luckily she is still here. WordPress spammed your comment on “Eating Greens” and also my reply. The peas might go down well but these kids are quite picky. I will pass on the suggestion.


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