The Toe

After lunch his older sister was
coming to read “Young McDonald”
to him so little brother bounced
excitedly round his bedroom.

The ten year old ran into the room
he rushed to her – collision !!
He landed on her foot, lost his
balance, twisted his foot on hers.

“Aaagh !! My toe is broken !”
she screamed. How would a child
know it was broken ? Mum, a
trained nurse, rushed to see, agreed.

On the injured foot the second
toe was almost at right angles
to its big toe.  ……  Aaaagh !!

Plans made over lunch were ignored
as Mum and the ten year old spent
four hours at the emergency centre.

Auntie Jo spent the afternoon with
the eight year old and little brother.

Now an anxious week hoping the
swollen strapped toe would shrink
enough to fit into its riding boot.

Relief !  A week later she could put
her riding boots on, go to her riding
lesson. Little brother was forgiven.

“He’ only three,” she said. “He
didn’t know what he was doing.

The Toe

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