Our independence in friendship
worked well for us for years.

Once as an older employed person
in between jobs and homes I stayed
with her for a few months while
scrambling back to the top of the cliff.
It was hard for her after living
alone for quite a while, still she was
too generous to tell me to move on.

After time overseas I returned to
set up my own home. Our friendship
righted itself as we saw each other
occasionally, talked at length.

Now in poor health she lives in a
smaller home near mine. I can
quickly walk there for a cup of tea
as she asks, but want my life to
continue as it is, see her sometimes.

Our situations are now reversed.
Once I crowded he in her own
home. Now I need space in my life.

How do we resolve the challenges
of her lessening independence ?


5 thoughts on “Reversals

    1. I have tried this. But as her heart gradually deteriorates she has less and less energy, and gets upset when we do not agree with her views that she has held for a long time. I have written about this in the poem I will post on Saturday. We are finding more and more that it is better to simply not mention situations where she does not like what we are doing.


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