Staying Healthy

Scientific research delivers new
knowledge bringing even more
new knowledge.

New limits are set for what
pregnant women eat, and limiting
cheese and processed meat. In town
looking for lunch, a family mother
to be and I had to find a cafe
with suitable food for lunch.

At our Christmas Day family lunch
my niece closely cross questioned
me as to the ingredients of my salad
and separate dressing to check
what her children will be eating.

My long time friend Nana has
always carefully watched the food
for herself and her family, now she
backs up the younger generation.
She seems to have ceased her
campaign to make me eat sweet
potato, and abandon potato after I
took my stand, fought back.

Yuck ! I can’t stand sweet potato
told her it is bad for me.

I do love potato, will always eat it.

Miser mongers keep your
misery to yourselves.

Staying Healthy

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