Origami intricacies tangle skeins
in the brain, tie knots in fingers.
Many contortions in a tiny piece of
paper create strange objects, creatures.

For her eighth birthday Auntie Jo
gave the eight year old an origami
book to foster her love of paper craft.

Each week after her maths tutorial
the eight year old quickly organises
the after noon high point – origami.

Now for  the harder objects in her
book. She has drawn up a list of
objects with only two pages of
instructions for Auntie Jo who won’t
do longer ones, who flatly refused
to make the six page dragon.

Auntie Jo folds, the eight year old
repeats the fold, looking at the
book’s instructions, fully engrossed
in her paper creation.


7 thoughts on “Origami

    1. Thank you. I really had no idea what I was getting myself but the eight year old is completely hooked and fascinated. Given her struggles with dyslexia along with poor balance and co-ordination I have to keep going with it. Her happiness makes it worthwhile.

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      1. WordPress spammed and deleted your comment on your brother and my reply, so I will start again! I taught reading recovery for a few years in the late 1990’s. My experience with our eight year old – my great niece – has convinced me that dyslexia is very widespread. Each of her parents has a brother now in their forties, who have always had severe reading difficulties and I am sure they are dyslexic. Their mothers, the eight year old’s grandmothers, are glad at what we can now do for the eight year old, but grieve for what their sons have missed out through limiting their options. Both were told they were dumb at school,and badly lack confidence. Tragic.

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    1. I will do what I can, but it is her book and it is firmly buried with all her treasures in the family playroom. She brings it out for my visit each week at origami time. The dragon looks very hard.


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