Six months ago last Friday
at 4 pm my bank’s website showed
a large notice saying all Christchurch
staff were safe inside their buildings
while the city was in lock down.
At 6pm the TV news  continued to portray,
explain the mosque massacres.

Six months ago last Saturday
the morning newspapers had a half
page photo of the Christchurch park
Across the bottom a heavily armed
policeman led many walking wounded
from mosque to hospital as another
armed policeman further back  watched
those still coming into the park.

Six months ago last Monday
in a TV interview an experienced
ambulance officer repeatedly said
“There was a river of blood flowing
down the mosque front steps.”

Talking heads keep talking.

Action people are busy doing.

The Muslim community open
up to their neighbours.

Christchurch remembers the
tragedy of six months ago.


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