Going Hi Tech

Digital rewiring for the digital
age has sent our five flat block
into a baffling bureaucratic tangle.

Two of our five flats sent off letter
box forms to apply to connect to the
fibre network for fantastic ultra
fast broadband. They rent their
flats through property managers.

So: five flats three owners. Two of
us own one flat each. I live in mine.
She uses a property manager. The
third owner owns the other three
flats, uses two property managers.

The telecom company contracted out
their consents process to another
company who had to gather the
consents to install our neighbours’
fibre broadband. They sent out forms
to two others of us to consent to
the fibre network entering our
communal property.

I sent my forms in late last year
then recently received a cranky
email demanding I send them in. !?!

I spoke with my neighbours, emailed
a terse reply listing our flats’ owners
and property managers, was thanked
profusely for  the information !

Meanwhile new tenants moving into
the front flat asked their property manager
for fibre network. He contacted the owner.

Our installation starts next Tuesday.   !!!

Going Hi Tech

2 thoughts on “Going Hi Tech

  1. J > I’m glad you’ve got the opportunity to upgrade. It’s surprising how low a threshold there seems to be for ‘remoteness’ or ‘difficult to reach’ whereby the network operators can – despite the public service obligations they work under – basically shrug their shoulders and abandon rural customers to a technological twilight. You know, really remote areas in Bedfordshire, Herefordshire, Shropshire. And yet here in the Outer Hebrides, almost everyone has fibre broadband available, with guaranteed minimum of 20Mbps, and we get 30Mbps.

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    1. Our little city is not too remote – two hours drive from our capital city Wellington along relatively straightforward roads. What surprised me was the confusion over getting our five flats connected. I am keeping this in mind for any other issues we may have. It appears in this instance the fault lay with telecom and their sub contractors.

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