Food Disposal

Two packets of my favourite
shortbread biscuits sat in my
cupboard …… looking at me
every time I went there.

My blood sugar levels crept up
in spite of my dietary care.
I had allowed myself occasional
sweet treats at home but now
my medication was increased.
Time to reserve treats for occasional
meals away from home. Treats in
the cupboard just stare at me
when I open the cupboard door.

I plucked up my resolution and
both packs of biscuits, walked
along to the flat next door, held
the biscuits out to my neighbour.

“Would you eat these before I do ?”
She was happy to oblige . Her
grandchildren will certainly help
her, she likes these biscuits too.

I wonder …. will the children
leave any biscuits for her ?

Food Disposal

Changing Planes

Long distance travel was once
major in my life. Overseas
international airports with an
array of shops and services
provided everything you needed.

Flying around my own country
after a gap of some years I
expected to find all I needed
while in transit waiting for
my next plane. I needed to eat.

Fewer international flights passed
through here, domestic planes
ceased well before midnight. Little
call for food now, especially for a
diabetic: dried up looking sandwiches
little salad left, plenty of greasy
salty fast foods or slightly dry
but tasty Chinese food, with
edible steamed rice.

So I ate the Chinese food, and
did not check my blood sugar
level that night.

I do not want to fly in this
country again for a while.

Changing Planes

Celebratory Lunch

My sister announced a celebratory
luncheon for her “significant” birthday.
I am seventy two, a little older
than her.  Enough said.

We flew south to her distant home
city where days are shorter than
in our northern home, then
gathered at her favourite cafe
stretched through tiny old cottages
joined around a sunny courtyard.
In a separate room we did not
disrupt with our noisy uproar.

Delectable food from a wide ranging
selection was chosen, then a bottle
of wine to be shared among  few.
Sixteen year old granddaughter
forbade her father to drink – he
was driving her home. “Only one
glass while I drive,” he said.
“No , said the granddaughter.
Her Dad had no wine.

Others who wanted wine drank it.
Then some of us had …… desert !
Even the family diabetic who is
so careful to eat healthy food.

Dietary rules can be cumbersome
on celebratory occasions.

Celebratory Lunch

Flying South

My sister’s “significant birthday”
was announced, to be celebrated
in her home city, fat to the south.
I am seventy two. She is close to
me in age. I know how old she is.

There would be an amazing lunch
in a marvellous cafe, family get
togethers that night, next day.
Rather expensive to fly there
and back, but worth it.

Except …. that …. to get there
I must fly in a smallish plane.

I am happy to fly in large planes
overseas to other countries.

Here on our cluster of little islands
plane rides bump up and down
in turbulence from our mountains
running along our two main islands.

urp …… urp …… urp …… urp

Flying South